Community College Districts


Community and Junior College Districts (CCDs) are two-year institutions that primarily serve local taxing jurisdictions and offer vocational, technical, and academic courses for certifications or associates degrees. CCDs are governed under the Texas Education Code, Chapter 130.

CCDs issue both tax-supported and revenue debt. Proceeds from CCD debt issuances are used to construct, equip, renovate, expand, and improve facilities, acquire information technology equipment, and refund outstanding debt. Debt service is paid from either an ad valorem tax or various revenue streams such as tuition, technology, and miscellaneous fees or lease revenue. Additionally, CCDs create nonprofit conduit entities to issue debt on behalf of, and for projects to benefit, the CCDs. Most of CCD new obligations are authorized under Chapters 45 and 130 of the Texas Education Code.

- Fiscal Year 2021 -
Tax Supported:
Revenue Supported:
Total Outstanding:
- Fiscal Year 2021 -
Tax Supported:
Revenue Supported:
Total Issued:

Issuers of Texas Debt

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The fiscal year for the State of Texas runs from September 1 until August 31.

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The chart above shows the purposes for which debt was issued for both tax-supported debt and revenue debt outstanding.

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