Other Special Districts


Other Special Districts and Authorities (OSD) include tollway authorities, transit authorities, housing authorities, regional mobility authorities, power agencies, public utility agencies, road districts, events venue districts, education districts, and various economic and community development districts.

OSDs issue both tax-supported and revenue debt including sales tax revenue and lease-revenue debt. OSD tax-supported and revenue debt are both used primarily for road improvements, economic and community development, water and sewer improvements, and developing and maintaining mass transportation systems.  OSDs create conduit entities to issue debt on their behalf and for their benefit.

The table below shows the various types of OSDs in the state.

District Purpose
Economic and Community Development District Community development, redevelopment, and strategic planning; public improvements necessary to serve the district
Education Districts Provide services to the school districts and are funded by education taxes at the county and the school district levels
Events Venue Districts Items related to creating and maintaining venues
Housing Authorities Programs to provide affordable housing
Power Agencies Improvements to the electric transmission service
Public Utility Agencies An agency created by two or more public entities to plan, finance, construct, own, operate, or maintain facilities
Regional Mobility Authorities Constructing and maintaining highways, tollways, ferries, airports, bikeways, and all-purpose transportation centers
Road Districts Constructing and maintaining roads
Tollway Authorities Develop, construct and maintain toll roads
Transit Authorities Public transportation
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The chart above shows the purposes for which debt was issued for both tax-supported debt and revenue debt outstanding.

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